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A Steam Hop Post

Instead of the Book Hooks train, I’m climbing on board the Steam Hop this month. Here you’ll find a steamy teaser (this one’s a solid M rating) from You Can’t Hurry Love and, beneath that, links to other awesome writers’ spicy stuff!

To set the scene: Charlie and Sara, whose animosity has faded, have just been subtly flirting with each other over dinner, and Charlie’s followed Sara to the bathrooms to confront her about how brazen she’s been (as he still assumes she’d never actually want him).

Steamy Excerpt:

“Why?” she echoed, incredulous. “You need to ask why a woman would be throwing herself at you?”

“Under normal circumstances, no…” he pulled out of her space a fraction to scratch the back of his neck. “But it’s you.”

“Oh.” Her cheeks reddened and her expression was once again guarded, and he realised too late that she had misinterpreted his words.

“No, wait!” He prevented her from abandoning the conversation by planting his hands on either side of her. However, despite the brutish action of practically boxing her in place, his words were soft and vulnerable. “I just meant…well, I didn’t think you’d be interested in me, considering our history.”

It was her turn to search his gaze for honesty. After a few moments, she rolled her eyes and reeled him in by his tie. “You’re an idiot,” she declared, before capturing his lips in a searing kiss.

He could taste the remnants of the last sips of her wine as their tongues met, and he couldn’t stop himself from deepening the kiss, his hands slipping from the wall to travel down her sides, landing at her hips. Immediately, he recalled the feel of her hand on his thigh, taunting him, and he pressed the evidence of his growing arousal into her, causing her to gasp.

She took control, sidestepping and fumblingly guiding them towards the accessible bathroom. They parted as she got the door open and they tumbled inside the tiled room, shutting and locking the door behind them. Then she was on him again, mouthing at his neck, up near his ear, while her nimble, long fingers moved to his belt buckle.

“You…in this suit…” Sara murmured against his neck, her ‘s’s turning sibilant with her whispering, “so hot. You need to wear suits more often.”

“I’ll make a note of that,” he agreed, now taking fistfuls of the material of her dress –thankfully stretchy and flexible– on either side of her hips, pulling it upwards.

Charlie didn’t stop to think too hard on where they were or what they were doing, or that someone in their party might come looking for them if they were gone too long. He was far too invested in pursuing this completely unexpected side of Sara and their connection. He hadn’t felt chemistry like this with anyone in years.

And now was certainly not the time to ponder whether his subconscious had been ahead of the program, or if that might have been a contributing factor to his less than stellar love life.

Having unbuckled his belt, she’d moved on to popping the button above his fly, and it wasn’t long before his pants were completely undone and around his ankles.

At least the tiles at his feet were clean. Thank God this was an upscale restaurant and not some dingy pub!

“Well, hello,” she purred, wrapping her hand around his still clothed erection. He sucked in a breath. “You know, if your brother is half as gifted in this department as you are, I can see why Gemma’s always so keen to spend time with him.”

He snorted, squeezing the top of her ass beneath his fistfuls of fabric. “Could we not mention my brother or his cock right now? You’re kind of killing the mood here, love.”

She rolled her eyes, undeterred. “I was giving you a compliment.”

He decided he wasn’t going to belabor the point. Not with her hand wrapped around him, stroking him through his boxer briefs. Instead, he dipped his head, muttering, “You’re a bloody tease,” with warmth before their lips reconnected. He wanted to complain when her hand released him, but she brought both of her arms around his neck as the kiss intensified.

Knowing they had limited time, he shuffled her towards the basin, thanking as many deities as he could imagine that there was a proper built-in marble vanity unit on the wall instead of a plain sink. Another upside to being in a posh restaurant. 

Sara squealed into his mouth as he lifted her with ease and set her down on the bench. “It’s cold,” she complained as he hushed her.

Arching an eyebrow, he released the bunched-up material of her dress and slid his hands under her to encounter smooth skin.

“No underwear?” he asked in a voice tighter than he’d have liked. 

She smirked. “G-string. This dress clings a bit.”

Biting back a groan of appreciation, Charlie nodded, “I’d noticed.” He slipped his hands further under her, squeezing as he shifted his hips forward, “It’s my new favourite.”

“I’ll make a note of that,” she echoed his earlier words back at him, drawing her arms back down from around his neck to tug at the band of his underwear, releasing him completely. 

He retaliated by bringing his right hand around to slide aside the tiny scrap of lace masquerading as the front of her panties. He was beyond delighted to find her wet for him, and eagerly slid two fingers inside her, eliciting a moan that reverberated off the tiles surrounding them.

He chuckled. “Shush, or we’ll be caught.”

Charlie couldn’t help but feel like a teenager as he said the words. This wasn’t like anything he’d done before. Generally, he was rather straitlaced. Rhett had been the scoundrel, and he’d been the ‘by the book’ kid. The thrill of potentially getting caught was an aphrodisiac on its own.


If this has you needing more, you can read You Can’t Hurry Love for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or buy the ebook from Amazon. The paperback is available in a few more places, too. will take you to all of them.

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A Book Hooks Blog Hop Post

I loved my ride on the Book Hooks train (hosted by the wonderful MFRW blog) so much that I’m doing it again. This time I’m sharing a completely unedited section of an untitled WIP, and I’m still linking you up with some posts written by some other awesome romance authors.

So, the below excerpt is taken from a short steamy contemporary romance piece I’ve been working on.

To set the scene: MFC (Frankie) was locked out of her apartment and the neighbour’s kid, Zephyr, produced a lock-pick set and let her in… then stuck around and had dinner while his Dad was at work. That’s where this next bit picks up.


“Dad!” The kid pushed his chair back and raced through the living room and down the short hallway. Frankie followed him, wanting to make sure he wasn’t going to get into trouble. Zephyr swung her front door open at the same time as a man exited the apartment next door.

“Zephyr Martin Hollows!” The man -tall, dark haired and dark eyed, with a matching dark beard- reprimanded, his concern and fear palpable. He stormed towards them, and Frankie swallowed convulsively. 

Zephyr’s dad was hot

As he neared, she could see streaks of silver around his temples and in his beard, and laugh lines creased the skin beside his dark brown eyes. He wore fitted jeans and a red plaid shirt across broad shoulders, fulfilling any number of lumberjack fantasies she might secretly harbour. 

“Dad!” Zephyr shot forward, throwing his arms around the man’s waist. 

“What the hell, Zee?” 

Oh, God, he’s got an accent, too. Frankie felt her knees go weak. American? It explained referring to Zephyr as ‘Zee’ instead of ‘Zed’, really. 

“Sorry, Dad, I-“

“I was so worried.”

Canadian, Frankie decided, with the way the man drew out his ‘o’s giving him away. 

Zephyr nodded and squeezed his dad tighter, before he gestured back in Frankie’s direction. “I know. I’m sorry, but Frankie was locked out and then she made me dinner to thank me for letting her in.”

Her mouth went dry as Zephyr’s father finally noticed her. He narrowed his gaze and looked her up and down, and she felt as though she was coming up lacking in his estimation. Her face was free of makeup, she was wearing her casual Friday getup of faded jeans and a polo shirt, and her red hair was currently untamed around her face.

Still, she cleared her throat and stuck out her hand. “Frankie Jessop,” she introduced herself, exhaling in relief as he took her hand and gave it a shake. She was most certainly not focusing on how warm his palm felt against hers, or wondering about the calluses on his skin. “And I’d still be sitting on the floor outside my door if Zephyr hadn’t found me. You should be proud. He’s a good kid…and somehow insanely skilled with a lockpick.”

The hard expression on the guy’s face smoothed out a little, only to be replaced by exasperation. He shifted to look at his son. “You know you’re not allowed to use my kits, Zee.” Turning back to Frankie, he ran a hand through his hair, his fingers catching in the tight curls. “Brett Hollows,” he introduced himself, sounding chagrined, “and I’m not a criminal, if you’re wondering why I’ve got those tools just lying around. I’m a locksmith.”

She couldn’t help the burst of near hysterical laughter that escaped her. “Sorry,” she brushed away a couple of tears of laughter. “Earlier tonight I wasn’t sure I’d find one locksmith. Fate’s just given me two.”


While the above is still a Work In Progress, you can read my latest novel You Can’t Hurry Love for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or, for a limited time, buy the ebook for $0.99 USD/CAD/AUD from Amazon. The paperback is available in a few more places, too. will take you to all of them.

Also, the ebook for my FIRST novel, Handle With Care, is on sale at the moment at Amazon for $0.99, too, or you can pick it up for FREE by signing up to my newsletter:

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She likes to Moo-ve it Moo-ve it #MFRWHooks

A Book Hooks Blog Hop Post

I’m jumping on board the Book Hooks train (hosted by the wonderful MFRW blog) to share an excerpt from my new release, You Can’t Hurry Love, and to link you up with some excerpts to some other awesome romance authors.

The below excerpt is taken from Chapter Three. At this point, Charlie’s just had to suffer through an attempt at a deep & meaningful conversation about his (admittedly repressed) feelings and then Sara enters.

I just loved having this pair quietly -and sometimes not so quietly- get under each other’s skin. They were so much fun to play with!


“Just know that you can change your mind about it at any time, yeah?” Everett nudged his shoulder. “It won’t make you any less of a man, you stubborn git.”

Before Charlie could respond, a familiar, obnoxious voice cut in with a laugh. “That’s assuming he’s man enough to begin with.” Sara sauntered into the room, dropping a handful of shopping bags onto the floor beside the kitchen bench. She hopped up to sit on the granite surface, crossing her long legs at the ankle and chirping, “What are we talking about, anyway?”

From between gritted teeth, Charlie responded, “Nothing that concerns you, princess.” His spirits rose at the expression of distaste which flitted across her face. For some reason she despised the moniker, and so he used it frequently.

“Alright children,” Everett interrupted, narrowing his gaze at Charlie, “behave.” He stood up and crossed the room to greet Gemma with a kiss. “Did you lovely ladies enjoy your day?”

It was Jeff who answered, striding in arm-in-arm with their mother. “We did, thanks. It was just what the doctor ordered.”

“That massage was heavenly,” Beatrice agreed. “Worked out all the kinks from that Godawful flight.”

Charlie stretched his neck from side to side at the reminder. “I shoulda’ gone with you, then.”

Sara muttered something that was likely uncomplimentary under her breath, but, at Everett’s disapproving glower, Charlie bit his tongue. He was unused to this dynamic: previously, he’d been the one delivering looks like that in response to Rhett’s antics. He didn’t particularly appreciate being on the receiving end.

“How’d Zoe go?” Gemma asked. Charlie could tell she was attempting to change the topic, too, if the glare she’d sent Sara was anything to go by.

It was still strange to watch his brother switch completely into daddy mode. Everett grinned at his girlfriend. “We went to the park, came home and she tried some pureed sweet potato – she’s a fan, by the way.” At six months old, they were starting to introduce solids. How did Charlie know this? They’d regaled him and his mother with the information over dinner the previous night. His mum had lapped it up. Charlie had been bored as fuck. “And then she had a bottle and went down for her nap without any issues.”

With his mother cooing at his brother, Charlie did his best not to roll his eyes, but let his mind drift. He loved his niece, but he wasn’t all that concerned by the minutiae of dealing with an infant. Glancing around the room, his gaze landed on Sara. Still perched on the kitchen bench, she was examining her fingernails, clearly just as interested in the conversation taking place as he was. 

Look at that, he thought to himself with droll amusement, we’ve got something in common after all.

The moment was broken as she sensed his stare and looked up to catch him observing her. Her eyes rolled and she made a shooing motion with her perfectly manicured talons, which, he noted, were painted a vivid, cherry red. He flipped her off and looked away, wishing he could point out what a cliché she was.

Vapid cow.


You can read You Can’t Hurry Love for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or buy the ebook for $2.99 USD (or $3.99 AUD) from Amazon. The paperback is available in a few more places, too. will take you to all of them.

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