Free Book Distribution – Quick Update

Alright, so I’m fairly happy with Prolific Works as a host and means for distributing my reader magnet in conjunction with MailerLite, but in terms of using the free version to build a mailing list/social following, it’s been a dud for me. Over 200 copies of Handle With Care have been downloaded, though, which does make me feel quite excited, and I genuinely hope that those readers enjoy it.

However, I have since moved on to trialling Voracious Readers’ Evergreen program (in conjunction with their free 20 copy giveaway to existing readers) and within 24 hours I had 30 new subscribers to my mailing list. I’ve got about a 75% click rate on my welcome email/newsletter out of that, and I’m keen to see what the retention rate will be like in a month or so. (Much like my blogging, my newsletters are sporadic at best – I don’t like to spam people, and I struggle for engaging content to share, so I’d rather wait until I have actual news/something fun to send out.)

The next step in my plan will be to complete Book 2 in my series (because HWC is no longer a standalone as planned, haha) and then use HWC itself as my reader magnet. (As an aside, I’m also looking into PublishDrive as an alternative to IngramSpark or Smashwords for publishing Book 2, after initially publishing on KDP exclusively for the first 90 days. From all accounts, it seems like PublishDrive is less rigid than IS, but after diving in too hard and too fast with IS, I’d like to do a bit more research first.)

I’ve also got a Virtual Book Tour lined up for later in the month, but that’s definitely a blog post for another time!

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