And The Learning Continues…

Today, I finally received my Author’s Copy of the paperback of Handle With Care from Amazon. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the quality of the cover in comparison to the quality from IngramSpark. Considering I believed that I used the same base file, and the Amazon process was so much more user friendly than IS, this really surprised me. The colours are a bit off, but my main concern is that the text is kind of fuzzy. It has a really cheap and amateur feel next to the IngramSpark paperback, and there’s not a huge difference between the two in printing costs.

However, I’ve just gone back into KDP and have loaded an updated cover file and it looks better in the preview than the original did, so I’m guessing I did something stupid somewhere along the lines during the initial upload – I’m actually wondering if maybe I initially loaded the wrong pdf proof from my cover artist. All the files look very similar, I guess. (That seems to be the only logical explanation. #rookieerror)

Once it’s approved, I’ll order a second Author’s Copy and will keep my fingers crossed that this updated version will be better.

Apologies to anyone who purchased the first version from Amazon. At least the internal file printed correctly – absolutely no complaints there.

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